How can I maximize the space in my Tampa apartment?

Making the most of the space in your Tampa apartment is crucial to loving your home. Though many units are now built with more space than ever, making the most of the space you have is vital to enjoying your residence.

The first step in maximizing your space is choosing the right furniture. Whenever possible, choose furniture that can be functional, stylish, and useful! An ottoman with hidden storage, an entertainment center with built in shelving and drawers, or a rolling cart island with pull-out stools. Don't feel that you have to do what everyone else does, or have what everyone else has (or tells you that you need). Do what works for you. This extends to rooms as well – a dining space can work for office space, or your living room also works as a place for guests to spend the night.

There are some spaces in your Tampa apartment that you may not think about utilizing, but they are great opportunities to take advantage of. For example – take the space under your bed. Not just for dust bunnies, you can use this space to store many different items. If you really want to store lots of things under your bed, you can buy risers for your bed to make it taller, giving you more space under the bed. You can store winter clothes, files, shoes, linens, craft supplies, and anything else you can fit. Put things in cardboard boxes, plastic bins, canvas bags – whatever you want, since no one will see them but you.

Another space you may not think to use functionally is wall space. You can use wall space to hang baskets in the kitchen to store fruits and other things. You can add shelves in just about any room. Hooks allow you to hang you keys, scarves, hats, jewelry, and other items that would otherwise clutter up spaces. (Check with your lease before putting nails into your walls.)

The kitchen is probably the hardest room to make the most out of. To start with, you can store some items in the dining room. Add some space with an open shelving unit or a closed armoire. You can store dishes and infrequently used items here. You can also add a rolling cart or stationary table to put your microwave and other small appliances on, allowing you more free counter space.

Once you have everything fitting well into your Tampa apartment, you should look around to be sure that your home looks and feels spacious. Light and windows open up your home. When windows aren't plentiful enough, mirrors also open up your space. Light-colored things should take up most of your space. Put up curtains – blinds don't do much to make your home feel like it is yours.

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