What do I need to do to throw a party in a clubhouse at apartments in St. Pete?

One of the perks of apartments in St. Pete is great community features. One of these community features could possibly include an awesome, state-of-the-art clubhouse. Many clubhouses have fun activities such as billiards, foosball, TV viewing area, games and much more. Clubhouses also house other amenities such as tanning beds, workout rooms and are often attached to the swimming pool. And the best part, a lot of apartments in St. Pete will allow you to rent out the community clubhouse for private parties and functions. There are just a few common rules and procedures to follow to make your party one to remember.

First thing you need to do when deciding to throw a clubhouse party at your apartments in St. Pete is to check with the office on what the community policy is on number of guests allowed. Many building have occupancy limits, so you will want to make sure you're abiding by all rules and regulations. Next, you should ask your apartment office if they require a party deposit. Some apartments in St. Pete will allow you to reserve the clubhouse for free, depending on the type of function you are hosting. Others may ask for a refundable deposit or a flat fee. You'' want to make sure you know this before you start planning your party.

When checking with your apartment in St. Pete, you'll want to ask the office if the clubhouse has restricted hours or if a private party is allowed to go past the time posted for residents. Some communities will make an exception if it is a special occasion or will take in to account the amount of time you will need to clean up.

Some apartments in St. Pete will reserve the clubhouse on a first come first serve basis, so it's important that you prepare well in advance before your party. You will also want to let guests know the procedures for parking, especially if there is a designated visitors section. They may find it difficult to get into your community if it is gated, so be sure to give them instructions on contacting you in order to buzz them in. The office may have a no-alcohol policy, but in case it is allowed, make sure that your guests have access to public transportation so they do not drink and drive.

After the event, make sure you clean up all of the mess and take out the trash. If this is not done properly at apartments in St. Pete, you may not get your refundable party deposit back, or worse yet, be charged a fine. This is the last thing you want to deal with right after a long party.

Clubhouses at apartments in St. Pete are great locations for any type of party. There are so many great and fun ideas on websites such as Pinterest that can help you throw an inexpensive, DIY event that everyone will remember. Just make sure you follow these simple rules so your apartment community will allow you to throw the same party the following year!

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