I don’t do a lot of cooking. Are there good restaurants in Tampa?

I don't do a lot of cooking. Are there good restaurants in Tampa?

Not everyone is a five star chef. If you are the kind of person that burns toast, anyone can see why dining out would be a more desirable nourishment choice. Luckily there are plenty of interesting restaurants here in Tampa that are located close to many of the apartments listed on RentTampaBay.com.

Daily Eats is loved by all the Tampa local. Serving breakfast all day long as well as tasty lunches and dinners, it's easy to see why this place is always packed. Daily Eats features a Crunchy French Toast, which is French toast dusted with a fine powder of Captain Crunch cereal and then cooked up on a flat top griddle so it's crunchy. If you are watching your figure, then there are plenty of healthy options for you such as healthy omelets like The Slim. For lunch and dinner fare Shredder Bowls, which are like salads served on a bed of brown rice with your choice of protein, serve the purpose of filling your belly without making it bigger. If you want a casual but upscale dining experience that won't break your budget, this place should be first on your list.

Looking for something off the beaten path? Every Sunday, Wat Temple, located in Tampa, has a Sunday Market from about 10:30am - 2:00pm.This is an experience every Tampa resident should treat themselves to at least once. The temple is picturesque and on a waterfront location. Vendors are lined up offering Pad Thai, curries, teas, and Thai fruit trees and vegetables for a small donation. All the money from the vendors goes directly to the temple. While you're enjoying delicious Thai food staples and sipping your Thai tea, you have the opportunity to watch the ceremonies that are performed at the temple. The experience is sure to be culturally rich and fulfilling to your soul and your tummy!

Here in Tampa interesting cuisine is popping up right and left. Located in Seminole Heights, an area newly recognized for an impressive mix of quality restaurants, Ella's has become a place you want to share! The atmosphere and menu are eclectic. This is by no means "bougie". The staff and menu are down to earth and comforting. Menu items "Henry the Loaf", bacon wrapped meatloaf covered with root beer gravy and crispy onion strings, are rib sticking and finger licking. The tasty libations and local music will have you dancing in your seat!

Now that you have a taste for what the dining experiences are like here in Tampa, you'll need to find the right apartment. RentTampaBay.com makes it easy to find a place centrally located to all your favorite food joints. The best place to start is our Neighborhood Guide and decide which neighborhood in Tampa is the right one for you. Our easy to use apartment search guide makes it easy to choose the location and amenities of your new apartment and we populate all the options that meet your criteria. It's that easy to find the perfect apartment in Tampa!

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