I love a good herbal tea. What plants can I grow at my Tampa Apartment that I can use for tea?

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Altis at Grand Cypress Apartments are located in the growing area of New Tampa and features beautiful green areas including patio/balcony space perfect to start your herb tea garden.

"On a given day, about 158 million Americans drink this beverage. No, not coffee. Tea." This was mentioned in a Tampa Bay Times article recently about University of Florida researchers studying tea as possible alternative crop to citrus, so you are not alone with being a big tea drinker. This article talks about the camellia plant, the traditional tea plant, and how Florida's climate may work well for tea production because of Florida's similar climate to Assam in India. Stay tuned for more news on that, but in the meantime, you can grow many herbs to use for teas right from your apartment in Tampa. Below is a list of some of the popular options for tea, whether you choose to grow them inside or maybe on your Tampa apartment patio or balcony. A bonus that many on this list have other uses such as cooking and even natural bug repellent.


Peppermint and spearmint are easy to grow and can easily take over a whole container if you let it and makes for a popular tea to ease headaches or stomach upsets. Mint can tolerate sun or shade or indoors with indirect light.


Have a piece of leftover ginger? Plant it and have an abundance of ginger in the future, plus it makes for a beautiful patio plant. Check out this video on how to grow ginger from your store-bought ginger. Many people drink ginger tea to ease nausea or reduce inflammation.


Rosemary may be the easiest herb to grow in your apartment in Tampa. It almost thrives on neglect. Full sun, forget to water, no problem for the rosemary plant. Some say rosemary tea helps to boost your memory or immune system, but it has so many more uses in the kitchen with cooking all your favorite meals.


The lemon balm plant is as easy to grow as it is pretty, and its smell is incredible. Some enjoy lemon balm to help with insomnia and anxiety, but you can also use the leaves for a natural bug repellent for your skin or even the smell which humans enjoy, but some insects may find offensive may keep those mosquitoes or gnats off your patio. Whether an apartment in Tampa or anywhere in Florida, every little bit helps in the bug department.


Once the chamomile plant is established, it will become drought tolerant and doesn't mind the full sun, making it an excellent choice for your Tampa apartment during the dry months. This tea is known as a calming or relaxing drink to have on those stressful days.


The lemongrass plant is a sun-loving plant that would make a great addition to your apartment in Tampa's balcony. It has a citrus-type taste and can be used for teas, soups, or stir-fries.

If you are a tea lover, especially of herb teas, your Tampa apartment is the perfect spot to start your own tea herb garden. Plants brighten up your space and add visual interest to any apartment, and most on our list have many uses in the kitchen and easy to grow here in Tampa.

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