Are there any kid friendly activities in Clearwater?

Apartments in Clearwater are surrounded with plenty of things to do for nearly all ages. Whether you prefer indoor or outdoor activities, there are a variety of entertainments just within the perimeter of the city.

Apartments in Clearwater are more known for their recreational benefits: this being some of the nicest beaches in the state of Florida. Although some may overlook the Gulf Beach town as an inactive paradise, this town has proven to be the exact opposite. Sure there is your everyday fishing, kayaking, parasailing, sunbathing and paddle boarding in the Gulf of Mexico, but there are also areas where you can rent Jet Skis, pontoon boats, go snorkeling, swim with the manatees and anchor out on an island.

Apart from the oceanic advantages, there are also fun indoor activities for kids. Especially during the few winter months, many Floridian's and visitors like to enjoy the region's climate from inside. If you are one of those who fear Florida's 65 degree winter, there are several activities for you to engage in. The dolphin tale is one of the most popular museums for kids in the area. At the Clearwater Marine Aquarium you can visit rehabilitated wildlife from the Gulf waters, the most famous marine mammal being Winter, the dolphin. Here, you can learn about Winter's story, enjoy behind the scenes clips and secrets from the movie and even visit Winter himself.

Do you like to surf? Test your surfing skills at the indoor flow rider at surf style. Or spend a day with the family at the East Gateway District exploring authentic Mexican food and culture. Cinema at the stars is a free event that takes place on Friday and Saturday evenings. At this event, families are able to picnic under the stars while watching family friendly classics such as the Goonies, The Hunger Games and Madagascar. If you are an adventure of art, the Dali Museum and the morean arts center have become on of the community's favorite destinations and are great for all ages.

As a result of Clearwater being popularly known for its center of tourism, there are dozens of fantastic restaurants and hotels surrounding the apartments in Clearwater and the beach neighborhoods. There are many breakfast buffet's and dinner specials where children and eat their hearts content. Many also enjoy the waterfront diners and fresh fish from the bay. Additionally, if you are planning on living or staying near the water, there are a handful of shops and boutiques to stop in.

Generally, this waterfront district in Pinellas County is normally enjoyed for its outside advantages of watersports, sunbathing and adventuring. However, there are many entertaining things to do that take place inside such as indoor surfing, visiting the wildlife rehabilitation center, shopping at the Pier 60's plaza, dinning in the East Gate district's authentic Mexican restaurants, or stopping in a waterfront restaurant to enjoy the Gulf of Mexico's freshest catch. Whether you prefer indoor or outdoor activities, there are handfuls of things to keep you and your family occupied.


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