I’m about to move into my new St. Pete apartment! Will I have any trouble with my moving truck at my new home?

Moving is a really busy time! You have to pack, to set up your new utilities, internet, cable, change your address, and tons of other things! Worrying about your moving truck at your new St. Pete apartment shouldn't be a big concern. Apartment complexes are completely used to people moving in and out. If you foresee a potential problem with your moving truck – talk to your landlord or leasing agent. Chances are, someone else has had the same question before, and they have a solution already figured out.

Before you move into you St. Pete apartment, find out about parking at your apartment in general. Some places give you only a certain number of spots, total. Some places have specified resident spots and specified guest spots. Some have completely open parking for anyone and everyone. Once you find out what the parking situation is like, you'll better know where your moving truck can park.

If you will be driving the truck yourself, don't rush, and follow any precautions given to you by the moving company. They may require a lower speed limit than legally allowed on highways. Especially if you are used to driving a small car, take care when making turns. Note the height of your vehicle if you will be going under any bridges. Take the time to fully adjust your mirrors before you go.

If your truck is very large, it might not fit in a regular parking spot. If this is the case, you will probably want to scope out your specific apartment ahead of time in order to figure out where you can park your truck while it is unloaded. Be careful to notice any fire lanes, fire hydrants, or other no parking zones – the last thing you need on move-in day is a parking ticket. If you plan to park right in the street, you may need to apply for a parking permit.

You may not get to your new St. Pete apartment until late in the day, or unloading may take a long time. If either of these options causes you to have to leave your truck parked overnight, it becomes even more important to check with the management and/or the city to ensure that you are parked legally and in the best place.

If you don't see any viable options for your truck, talk to the management. They are used to people moving, and they should have some sort of procedure in place for moving in and out. Ultimately, if you are willing to do a bit of preparation, your moving truck shouldn't cause much hassle for you. Just think – the moving truck is your last stop before moving into your new St. Pete apartment!

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