Are there any outdoor oriented neighborhoods in Tampa?

The Bay area offers a wide variety of Tampa apartments when it comes to living options. Composed of several districts, each Tamp Bay neighborhood is different. However, Hillsborough County has a strong out-door oriented community throughout its city.

Known as a historical hotspot, Ybor City is vibrantly filled with Latin music, cigar shops, and Cuban cuisine. Most residents spend their afternoons walking Seventh Avenue, exploring and enjoying Ybor's lively shops and restaurants. The town's trolley services help make traveling to downtown and Channelside a quick and convenient trip. Rental rates are quite affordable in Ybor. Most Tampa apartments in Ybor are built with a modern and industrial feel, which is not easily found throughout the bay area. Although ybor is quite colorful during the day, it is even brighter at night. Ybor is almost a little Bourbon Street. It is filled with bars, clubs and restaurants that attract many to the area, especially at night.

South Tampa is just around the corner from Ybor and is considered to made up of several different neighborhoods including Hyde Park and Davis Island. When traveling throughout South Tampa, you will notice many individuals jogging alongside of the streets, shopping in one of the many boutiques, or indulging in South Tampa's fantastic dining. Tampa apartments here arguably have the best of it all. For one, there are plenty of places to eat, shop, and exercise. There are several places to participate in yoga, spinning, and cardio classes. You do not have to travel far to achieve almost any daily task included running errands. South Tampa is mixed with historical homes and newly built architecture. Its open, inviting, and creates a small town feel within an urban atmosphere. The beach is just a short twenty minute drive, the airport is like then ten minutes away, and downtown is just a five minute commute. SoHo is another entertainment district, much like Ybor. With popular pubs such as The Lodge and Drynk, parts of South Tampa are awake at all hours of the night.

Downtown has almost become a part of South Tampa. Many apartments near Tampa in downtown are great for those who work in the area. The University of Tampa resides in the heart of downtown, bringing college aged students to the area. Popular races and aerobics are hosted in this part of town. Residents in the area participate in yoga in the park on weekend mornings just outside of the Tampa Museum. The downside to this area is the amount of traffic that fills the streets during rush hour.

In general, most neighborhoods in Tampa are outdoor oriented, especially due to Florida's weather. However, districts such as South Tampa and Ybor are built around its outdoor attractions.


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