Why do some apartments in St. Pete charge extra for parking?

Apartments in St. Pete can be a wonderful experience. You get to take advantage of the city life, bustling with tons of shopping, restaurants, nightlife, bars, entertainment options and more. However, with this ultimate lifestyle, finding a spot to park your vehicle may be a problem. This problem may even affect you and your apartments in St. Pete. Communities that are especially near downtown or very populated areas will sometimes charge you more for parking. This may also be true for communities that are out away from the center of the city, it really just depends on the discretion of the management.

One reason that apartments in St. Pete may charge extra for parking is because it will encourage residents to not park or bring along vehicles that they are not actively using. Many times, a community has a limited amount of parking spaces reserved for residents. So people that may have more than one vehicle quite possibly may be out of luck. This is when a community will charge for extra parking on a first come, first serve basis. Typically, leases will state the number of parking spots that are allowed per each resident per dwelling. They can choose whether or not to offer this for free or for a price.

The money that apartments in St. Pete collect from charging for parking may go towards road maintenance and curb appeal of the community. They could use those funds to re-surface the parking lots or parking garages that you park in! Many residents will not mind this, as they want a nice, clean and updated looking community to live in. What many residents of apartments in St. Pete may not realize is that communities will often charge for the upkeep of the grounds and curb appeal anyway; they will just add it into your rent or charge another type of monthly fee. Charging extra for parking gives them another way to have each resident pitch in for the upkeep of the community grounds.

Many apartments in St. Pete have a limited amount of parking spaces, as discussed earlier. The community may be small as well, with not a lot of room for any extra types of vehicles. Many communities will allow residents to bring trailers, boats and other large objects to park, for or without a fee. They often have designated areas for these types of vehicles. Properties understand that some people need these extra vehicles for work, so they will try and work with you. Many times, detached garages can be offered for a separate price that you can store these types of vehicles in.

Especially in a large city like St. Pete, apartments try their best to fit into the hustle and bustle of the surrounding area. Charging for parking will allow apartments in St. Pete to maximize their space and give their residents a little more room to breathe. It will cut down on unnecessary clutter around the community and may even provoke more residents to use public transportation or bike or walk, thus helping cut down on harmful vehicle emissions. 

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