What popular neighborhoods are near Clearwater?

Are you searching for Clearwater apartments in a specific neighborhood? There are several neighborhoods to consider when searching for suitable homes in the Clearwater area.

Each neighborhood shares distinct characteristics within its own community. These features can alter price ranges, unit types, and proximity to the beach and entertainment. You may want to keep these attributes in mind when comparing each neighborhood with the city.

Palm Harbor

Palm Harbor may arguably be one of the most popular neighborhoods surrounding Clearwater apartments. This community is known for its premier housing, luxurious golf retreats and country clubs, and its close proximity to the beach. The suburb is made of up brand new Clearwater apartments mixed with older charming and historical quarters. Several popular beaches within the bay area are just a twenty-minute drive from Palm Harbor. These coastal waters include Honey Moon Island, Sunset Beach, Sand Key, and Treasure Island. Most of the town's entertainment thrives from its downtown headquarters. This area hosts business meetings, social events, dinning, shopping, and salons.


Oldsmar is home to a wide range of individuals from students to new families and retirees. Apartments near Clearwater in this precinct can range from cheaper floor plans to luxury homes. Many parts of this neighborhood reminisce of an Old Florida feel with palm lined pathways and older plazas. There is plenty to do in this area of Tampa. Countryside and Citrus Park Mall are just aroundt the corner, and there are restaurants on nearly every street. Additionally, Tampa Bay Downs is nearby as well as the airport. Veterans expressway runs through this region, allowing commuters to easily commute throughout the bay area. Oldmar is also the closest neighborhood to the center of Tampa.

Tarpon Springs

The historic riverfront town of Tarpon springs is just 20 minutes from Clearwater beach. The Greek influenced town has remarkable waterfront shops, restaurants, bars and boutiques. Tarpon Spring's sponge docks have become increasingly popular drawing out younger and older crowds of all ages. This area will have plentiful options of affordable homes to select from. Keep in mind, however, that this region is a little more remote and may take a short drive to get to Tampa. However, the beach is just in this town's backyard, encouraging most residents to spend their days outside.

There are dozens of neighborhoods to consider when you are searching for Clearwater apartments. The three named neighborhoods are just a small sample of Tampa's most notable suburbs. All three communities remain relatively close to the beach and offer a diverse range of housing prices and types. Many of those with families seem to be attracted to the Oldsmar area for its convenient location to major roadways where as those who prefer more luxury living are keen to move into Palm Harbor. Tarpon Springs is a great place to visit and a tranquil place it. Its costal shops create an inviting atmosphere and a perfect place to enjoy Florida's weather.


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