Are there any apartments geared towards senior citizens?

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Looking for an apartment that's suitable for seniors but not necessarily a nursing home? Well there are many apartments in Tampa to suit your needs. Focus on places that are handicap accessible for those with walkers and wheelchairs as well as places near BayCare Health System for those frequent doctors visit and check ups. Health and safety come first!

A great place to start is by filtering to search for senior apartments on Rent Tampa Bay. These apartments geared toward seniors offer various lease lengths ranging from 3 months to 15 months. The short-term leases are great for the snow-birds that want to live under the Florida sun during colders months up north. The longer term leases are best for those who are retiring/retired and want to permanently live near the Gulf and in the Southern warmth.

There are multiple floor plans to choose from ranging from 1 bedroom to 4 bedrooms so you can decide to live with friends and family or enjoy some peace and quiet alone. Either way, you'll find one that fits your lifestyle and living situations.

Next you'd want to look for relevant amenities that will amplify the living situations of senior residents. They will need things in close proximity and easily accessible or included within their lease. According to and Senior Housing News, good amenities for our seniors would include the below:

  • Clubhouses - for friendly gatherings and consistent social interactions as well as management planned events for holidays and resident appreciation

  • Swimming pools - for exercise (i.e. water aerobics or walking in the pool because it's easier on the joints) and relaxation while soaking in Vitamin D

  • Hot tubs - by the swimming pool for massages and to ease muscle tightening

  • Fitness facilities - offering classes and plenty of cardio machine choices so you can either walk on the treadmill or take a nice smooth ride on a pedal bike

  • Meditation or zen gardens - for peaceful walks in a safe, secluded place near home. Great access to fresh air and exercise

  • Pet Amenities - like fenced in dog parks so you don't have to walk far or for awhile and pet waste removal stations around the community

  • Care resources - meaning they should be nearby care centers and physical therapy centers and pharmacy

  • Dining options - should be plentiful so different types of food are offered for a never-boring menu

  • On-site or in-unit laundry - so you don't have to drag bags of clothes and detergent from place to place and pay for use

The features mentioned above are some of the amenities most seniors are looking for or rave about for apartments in Tampa. They definitely make for a comfortable living situation that is still adventurous and beneficial. Just because you live in a senior apartment doesn't mean you can't have fun! Tampa apartments are notorious for housing some of the most active and happy seniors around.

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