I've read that St. Pete is pricey. Is this true?

Like any specific areas in highly desirable places of town, the town of St. Pete can become quite costly. Again, this is completely dependent on where you would prefer to live and what style of living you are looking for. If you are looking to be on the water in a luxury St. Pete apartment, you can expect to pay a higher amount than living in a space that is slight inland to the coastal waters. The town of St Petersburg has its nicer and more humble parts of town. Be wise and be sure you do your diligent research in regards to what area may suit your needs best. Areas near 4th street, are conveniently located by the Ray's Tropicana Field and close to major roads ways which may make commuting to other parts of town a bit easier. However, these area can tend to be more dense and crowded than other parts of St. Pete. If you are looking to live near the beach, keep in mind that some of these areas to experience a bit of crowding during the tourist season.

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