I am a new student in the Tampa area, where should I live?

Tampa is home to several collegiate institutes that make numerous neighborhoods student friendly. Whether you are attending a community college or University, there are plenty of Tampa apartments to choose from. In the center of Tampa, near downtown, is the Ybor district. The historic architecture, underground music scene, and its strip of bars located on 7th avenue, has attracted a number of students. Hillsborough Community College resides in the center of the town, making Ybor a student centralized area. Soho is one of Tampa's most popular neighborhoods for college party goers alike. Being one of Tampa's eager entertainment area, its no wonder the majority of students are flooding the area. Bars, restaurants, and grocery stores are in walking distance. However, your school may be a short drive away. New Tampa is another popular collegiate castle. With shopping, family friendly pubs, and a university as its capital, the convenience of this neighborhood has resulted in rapid growth over the last few years.

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