How do I get some privacy in my studio apartment in Tampa?

What you're lacking in space here, you can make up for in style. There's something awkward about studio apartments – having your bed in the living room and your dining table in your bedroom – and it can be even worse when you have guests over and there's nowhere to go to get a little bit of privacy. Luckily, however, there are plenty of cute, trendy ways to fix this without risking the aesthetic of your Tampa apartment.


There is a plethora of different types of dividers. The cheapest and easiest to find and set up are folding dividers, like the ones people change behind in movies. If your budget and the space in your Tampa apartment allow for it, there are also sliding dividers that are installed into the ceiling like a sliding door, but it all depends on if you can make such an alteration to your apartment. If you can't, folding dividers are a perfectly fine substitute to divide up the space in your studio apartment!


Another super simple way to divide up the space in your Tampa apartment are curtains. All you need is a tension rod or something to hang with and some cute curtains of your choosing. If you want to divide up the space without it looking blocky, sheer curtains do just the trick – it all just depends on what level of privacy you want. You can even create a kind of canopy around your bed for some privacy while you sleep.


Unless you live in a loft apartment, this one can be a little difficult and expensive to achieve. However, there are plenty of ways to create such a feature, as long as space permits it, and it creates an incredible divide. You don't even have to really build anything; you can get a lofted bedframe for it!


A large desk with shelving is the perfect way to create a functional divide between spaces in your Tampa apartment. London-based architectural firm CIAO did so themselves, creating a perfect divide by putting a large desk at the foot of a bed, allowing the shelving to create a divide between the bed and the living area. It's a cute place when you don't have a lot of room in your studio apartment and also creates a sense of divide among the two spaces!


A nice way to create a divide without blocking light from on area is an open bookshelf. It's a super cute decoration that acts as a kind of wall between the two spaces. The best part is that you can decorate it with anything; flowers, books, knickknacks, whatever you want the aesthetic of your apartment to be!

A studio apartment may not have the same level of privacy as a one-bedroom apartment does, but it does have a certain kind of charm to it – not to mention, they're often cheaper. The lack of privacy can seem daunting at first, but there are plenty of creative ways to create a sense of two rooms in just one.

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