Can I bring alcohol on St. Pete Beach?

Unlike Clearwater beach, you are actually permitted to bring alcohol onto some of the beaches in the area of St. Pete. If you are looking for apartments in St. Pete and having alcohol on a beach is of importance to you, you may want to consider living near Treasure Island or Mederia beaches were this type of activity is permitted. Most beaches require that you do not bring glass onto the recreational area. I would definitely consider bringing cans, coolers, or other disposable containers if you are planning to picnic or barbeque in the area. Please keep in mine that there are plenty of family events in the near by area that you should be considerate of. There are also plenty of tiki bars and restaurants on the beach that allow you to enjoy a libations while soaking up the Florida sun without having to bring your own booze on the beach shore. Sunset Beach, a part of Treasure Island, allows you to bring your own alcohol within reasonable limitations. That being said, it is always best to check with the county and beach regulations prior to packing your own liquor or alcoholic beverages.

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