Are there places nearby my apartment where my family can stay?

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Trinity Palms
Invite you family over to Trinity Palms for a spacious apartment.

St. Petersburg is famously known for attracting tourist near and far. As a result, there are hotels near every St. Petersburg apartment to accommodate small and large families alike. There are your chain hotels such as the Hilton or your vintage gems like the Don Cesar Hotel. Living in such a historical area means you and your family are able to experience the haunted hotel tour, learn about the city’s foundation and experience a vacation at the same time! The city also allows you to have a large selection of hotels to choose from ranging from luxury hotels, to hotels near the city or beach or even discounted hotels that can accommodate any budget! Looking for an apartment near a hotel? Check out our resource page to find which neighborhoods offer the most variety of hotels near your St. Pete apartment!

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