I am looking for a neighborhood setting near downtown Tampa, where are good areas to live?

Like most large cities, the city of Tampa is largely dispersed. Seemingly named for its close proximity to one another, North, South, New and Downtown Tampa are actually quite a distance from one another. However, an added benefit to living in such a populated city is being able to enjoy the luxury of major expressways that allow you to travel throughout the city with ease.

If you are looking for a neighborhood setting near downtown Tampa, you may want to look just outside of the business district. Downtown Tampa is famed for its sky rise buildings, court house, and difficult one way streets. Although there are many Tampa apartments in this area, they will mostly be more modern, upscale and pricey. If you are looking for a neighborhood setting you may want to try looking for a community in South Tampa, Davis Island or Channelside.

South Tampa is less than a fifteen-minute drive to downtown Tampa, even with traffic. Depending on where you decide to live in the So-ho district, the majority of Tampa apartments in this area tend to be eluded in vintage charm. Meaning, this area of the city consists of older homes. Although you may think this could be a cheaper alternative to living in downtown, think again. South Tampa is pretty pricey when it comes to living. This district of Tampa is filled with bars, shopping, restaurants and entertainment. South Tampa is the go-to location on the weekends and is filled with many college students and graduates. However, there are many suburbia neighborhoods in South Tampa that has become a great community for families and retirees.

Davis Island is similar to South Tampa in regard to its pricing and vintage appeal. Although Davis Island is only a five minute drive to the downtown area, apartments here are more secluded. One of a kind restaurants are embedded throughout the island giving the community a small-town feel. However, traffic does tend to tense up making commutes more difficult.

Channelside has its similarities to downtown. Less than a few miles away, Channelside offers residents an urban lifestyle in a more laid-back atmosphere. Although the entertainment district surrounding Channelside has taken a dive, the community has a neighborhood feel with paved sidewalks for jogging, and local boutiques. You may have to drive in to South or North Tampa do some of your errands such as grocery shopping. However, you may be able to escape traffic in this community. Homes in Channelside are virtually brand new. Although pricing can vary, you may very well be able to land yourself a great deal on your unit. Ybor city is also a minutes drive from this area where you can spend your weekends enjoying some of Tampa's finest foods and most popular venues.

Although these are just some of the few options you have when looking for apartments near Tampa, these communities are the closest to downtown. However, if you are seeking a more family friendly atmosphere, try looking in North and New Tampa areas. Keep in mind that living in those neighborhoods could cost you more than a thirty minutes drive to the downtown district of Tampa.

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